Early 2000s Nostalgia Playlist

Hi guys! Things are going to be a bit hectic where I am for a couple of weeks as my brother’s fam is gearing up to fly back to the motherland on Tuesday. So, basically the next few days and the week leading up to my own trip will be a massive scramble to get things together and pack, pack, pack. In the meantime, I made a playlist to help keep me sane in the midst of all the crazy that’s going on right now. And what better way to calm the f— down than to listen to some tunes from my youngin’ years! So if you’re keen, click on that play button down below and listen to the stuff I was crazy about when I was a kiddo in the early 2000s. While you’re here I’d like to hear what you’ve been listening to lately as well! Link me to playlists and stuff in the comments below they would be much appreciated.


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