Errand day.

Earlier this week, I was meant to meet up with a friend from uni and just have a chat over brunch before her clinical rotation in the afternoon. She cancelled so I ended up exchanging an ill fitting playsuit I got over the weekend, for a dress at Dotti instead. So basically, I ran some a few errands that day rather than stuffing my face as planned. Here’s my ‘running-errands’ outfit of the day. It’s nothing special, but I was pretty proud of it all the same. I had on a light denim blouse over a black top and skirt, I know it kind of looks like a dress but I promise you they’re too separate pieces.


Black and white #mirrorselfie, because why not?

Oh, and I had nice lemonade from Ragamuffin. This one was a bit on the sour side, but no complaints here. I’m a sucker for anything sour! (Lemonades are becoming a running theme in my posts, I think I’m finally living up to my username, don’t you?)


And you know how you run into the shops for just one thing and you end up with something else? Well, that happened to me today. I walked by a Lush and just couldn’t resist getting my hands on one of their Soak and Float Solid Shampoo Bars. I’ve been battling a flaking scalp for a good while now and have tried nearly everything to get rid of it. This doesn’t smell like the most pleasing thing on earth, in fact the scent of it reminds me of the heavily medicated shampoo they make kids use to get rid of lice (shout out to the bit of my childhood that I’d rather not have happened at all) and really dank sawdust. But hey, if this helps clear up my scalp I legitimately wouldn’t mind smelling of lice meds and burnt wood! I’ll make sure to post about how I’m getting along with this one, just in case it helps any readers who are trying to fight off itchiness and flakes. wpid-2014-12-16-03.25.48-1.jpg.jpegWell, that purchase pretty much rounds up my ‘errand day’ blog post. Let me know in the comments if you have any other Lush products that you would recommend. This shampoo bar is pretty much my first ever Lush purchase and I would love to give their other stuff a go. xx



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